Blockchain Agro Trading
Blockchain Agro Trading
Blockchain Agro Trading
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"This is a blockchain platform for buying and selling, controlling the quality of products, storing grain crops and bringing them to the right condition. With the help of Blockchain Agro Trading platform and blockchain-technology, buyers and sellers will be able to decentralize buying and selling grain crops without the risk of being deceived and at the most favorable terms."

- BATT Team

Algorithm of the Blockchain Agro Trading platform

Blockchain Agro Trading

Platform Advantages

Innovations in agro-traging

We offer a completely new way of searching for and interacting with producers and sellers in the agricultural sector.


The ability to conveniently conclude deals around the world. Literally in two clicks!

Minimizing the Human Factor

There is no longer any need for a huge amount of paperwork. Smart contracts will ensure security and high speed of ongoing transactions.

Continuous quality control

Thanks to the sensors of weed, humidity, temperature and the Internet of things, the grain quality is constantly monitored, which allows you to accurately bring it to the required condition of storage and transportation, and accurately display it in the platform at all stages of the transaction.

More than just a guarantor of a deal

Our platform will allow not only to conclude deals, but also help organize them by providing logistics and transport services through intermediary companies, and will act as guarantor of ongoing transactions. All processes within the platform will be automated.


The Ethereum Blockchain reduces the chances of the success of hacker attacks to a minimum, while allowing you to quickly conclude transactions without the need for personal presence, while saving money from buyers from payment of bank charges and multi-day deposits of funds to the seller's account.

Decrease in monopoly

Decrease in the influence of large market players. We offer a completely new, safe, transparent, profitable way of searching and interaction between producers and sellers in the agricultural sector.

Honesty and transparency

Each participant will be able to track at what stage is his transaction. The storage of information about transactions will be carried out with the use of blockchain technology. Stored information will be available to all users, but anonymous.


The ability to start trading efficiently and successfully with any volume of products represented in the platform (from 25 tons depending on the grain culture) with little or no experience in exchange trading, because everything in our platform will be intuitively understandable.

Tokens Distribution

Blockchain Agro Trading
Blockchain Agro Trading


The Blockchain Agro Trading platform erases the risk and fear of the seller using high-tech grain moisture sensors in the flow, as well as a conductivity sensor of grain moisture with flat measuring electrodes, installing them at the reception point of cereals.


The Blockchain Agro Trading platform will only use its own granaries and granaries of authorized partners. This will ensure reliable storage of raw materials, timely shipment and perfect quality control during shipment-loading.


Blockchain Agro Trading will use its own trading platform, which will minimize the possibility of various frauds and speculative transactions.

Blockchain Agro Trading


The platform will use its own BATT tokens, the turnover and number of which is controlled directly by the platform. This eliminates the drawbacks in using traditional payment systems and cash.


The Blockchain Agro Trading platform will provide its customers with quality logistics services that will help to remove unnecessary worries from the participants of the transaction, as well as control the quality of raw materials during transportation to the buyer.

Smart contract

All transactions carried out in the Blockchain Agro Trading platform are managed by smart contracts. This allows you to remove financial risks from the buyer and guarantee reliable insurance of the supplier's cargo.


Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q2 - 2018

Developing a WhitePaper, a smart contract, a business plan and launching a website. Primary legal advice, holding Pre-Sale.

Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q3 - 2018

Registration of the company in the jurisdiction of Switzerland (Zug), development of the web platform, closed testing of the alpha version of the Blockchain Agro Trading platform. Purchase and registration of granaries. Testing and installation of sensors, the development of a centralized system for the removal and processing of indications. Development of a notification system.

Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q4 - 2018

Listing on crypto-exchanges. Purchase of a second grain storage elevator and a port terminal (in the event of a Hard Cap).

Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q1 - 2019

Develop a decentralized payment management system.

Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q2 - 2019

Develop a decentralized payment management system.

Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q3 - 2019

Design and implementation of fault-tolerant infrastructures for the system of registration and processing of indications, for the web platform.

Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q4 - 2019

Integration of sensor readings into the web platform for buyers and sellers.

Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q1 - 2020

Installation of sensors in the granaries of all authorized partners of our company.

Blockchain Agro Trading Roadmap

Q2 - 2020

Connection of sensors to the system of registration and processing of indications.


Find clients, conclude and conduct transactions directly, without intermediaries. Our platform provides a number of opportunities: The relationship between authorized customers. The ability to remotely monitor the quality of products and the cash flow of funds from transactions. Organization of cargo transportation. Bringing the quality of products to the required condition. Optimization of financial and cargo operations. All this is possible, thanks to the Blockchain Agro Trading platform and its BATT token.
Tokens will be automatically charged by a smart contract after the transfer of ETH to the address of the smart contract.
Blockchain Agro Trading Token (BATT) is an ethereum-based token that allows all participants of the agricultural market to make transactions and financial transactions for buying and selling using our platform. BATT is a highly liquid multi-use token. With the help of BATT, participants in the agricultural market will be able to enter into smart contracts that are responsible for the security, speed, transparency and quality of data exchange through the supply chains.
Yes, BATT tokens will be used at all stages of the platform. That guarantees to you a transparency of calculations, protection against swindle and interaction with other participants of a platform. Also, as contracts are concluded with future partners, it will be possible to purchase from them the goods necessary for sowing and harvesting for BATT tokens (diesel fuel, seeding materials, fertilizer, etc.).
Support for the Blockchain Agro Trading community is planned in two directions: Active information about innovations, constant communication with the community and a quick reaction to criticism and recommendations. Planned coverage of new market segments with subsequent connection of new participants to the franchise.

Our team

Blockchain Agro Trading

Vyacheslav Kopylov


A trader with eight-year experience of carrying out transactions in the field of cereals and mineral fertilizers. At the moment he acts as a private entrepreneur. Three years of work in the Kharkiv Fodder Factory in the department of cereal purchases and two years in KERNEL as purchasing manager.

Blockchain Agro Trading

Andrey Ovcharenko


More than 15 years of experience in managing large IT projects, head of the development department of Mria Agroholding (one of the largest agro-industrial holdings in Ukraine). Successful launch of more than 10 ICO as a Blockchain development manager. The co-founder and CTO of the Blockchain company <allGood Studio>.

Blockchain Agro Trading

Alexander Strakh

Smart Contract Developer

Graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Рe has been working at ISP RAS for more than 10 years. Participated in the Linux Device Drivers Verification Project. Implemented more than 50 smart contracts for ICO. Author of the educational resource for writing smart contracts Has extensive experience in software testing and development.

Blockchain Agro Trading

Pavel Znamenshchikov

Logistics Specialist

Four-year experience in logistics and transportation. The sphere of professional interests is organization and coordination of cargo transportation in Russia, Europe and CIS countries. Engaged in optimization of schemes, calculation of terms and cost of delivery, chosing the carrier and optimal vehicle, preparation and conclusion of contracts, execution of accompanying documents, insurance of transport.

Blockchain Agro Trading

Alena Strelets

Sales manager

More than 5 years of work as a sales manager of the Kharkiv Fodder Factory. Engaged in the searching and attracting customers, working with the client base and maintaining it up to date, negotiating with clients, drafting commercial offers and signing contracts, billing, drawing up sales plans, drawing up reports on the results of work.

Blockchain Agro Trading

Yaroslav Osolikhin


Engaged in business planning and strategic decisionmaking. More than 2 years of experience in writing business plans for energy, construction, passive houses, smart houses and metal. Headed the department of development of alternative directions at the export enterprise of metal rolling for one year. More than 4 years of participation in various projects and developments, consulting participants of business incubators.

Blockchain Agro Trading

Andrey Zudikov

System Analyst

Three-year experience in analyzing the economic activities of enterprises and strategic business planning, risk management, business plans writing and Feasibility study not only for business, but also for municipal projects.

Blockchain Agro Trading

Natalia Yurkovets


Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, majoring in Software for BT and AS. For some time, she was an employee of the IT department of the Central Design Bureau 'Almaz'. Then for several years she worked as the lead programmer of the ERP development department of the COINS system used by construction and engineering companies in the UK, Australia, Ireland, USA. Was engaged in the development of various modules of the system and customer support. Expert in testing smart contracts.

Blockchain Agro Trading

Arkadiy Davydov

Frontend developer

Front-end developer. More than 4 years of designing and developing of web-interfaces for commercial applications

Blockchain Agro Trading

Ivan Lomovtcev

Fullstack Developer

Was involve in development for two years and took part of start several large Russian Blockchain-projects. Is engaged in coordination and comprehensive support of IT components on the project.

Legal support of the project

Blockchain Agro Trading

Andrey Gagun


More than 10 years of business support. The main directions: support of corporate deals, structuring of investments, M & A, support of economic transactions, dispute resolution, tax law, contract law.

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